Compact (AFNOR Standard)

Released in 2001


Compact is a school glider, the ideal wing for learning and as a first wing after the course. It was design as extremely safe glider, and at the same time it is possible to make first x-country flights on it.

There is a thick, safe profile with diagonal reinforcements, that make upper surface smooth, system of lines in cascades provide for fewer line usage, that lessens the drag in flight and makes launch preparation on the ground easier. There is an efective speed system that makes this school glider a « speedy mashine ».

Compact is extremely easy to handle in the air and on the ground, easy to launch, has great characterictic while towing. All that makes Compact a popular school glider, ideal for learning and for first x-country flights aswell.


Upper and lower surface :
-colours: Skytex New 9017 40g/m2 with E77A « water repellent » finish
-white : Skytex New 9017 40g/m2 with E38A « medium » finish
Profile – ribs (white) :
-Skytex New 9017 40g/m2 with E29A « hard finish »
-Skytex New 9017 40g/m2 with E38A « medium » finish.

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