Pluto (AFNOR Standard)

Released in 2004

Pluto is a glider constructed for « maximum enjoyment for minimum stress ». High stability, great performance, easy handling, high quality – what else to wish for?

Pluto is a glider for recreational pilots, who want to be relaxed and safe in the air and aim for some thermal flying also. Pluto can also be the first glider after the course, if a student-pilot is ambicous and well trained.

Piloting doesn`t cause any problems, the glider is easy to handle on the ground and in the air, very easy to launch, it is excellent to tow-launch.

Axis Pluto is a glider for wide range of pilots and pilots who just completed their paragliding course.

Pluto is also suitable for acro and cross country beginners.

  • diagonal segments concept
  • mylar reinforcement tapes on leading edge preventing oscillation
  • split A-risers for easy launching and better acceleration
  • unbeatable safety and great performance
  • very easy launching
  • easy and very pleasant handling with ability of « selfcentering » in thermals

Construction and materials

Pluto has a very up-to-date construction : profile, that is relativelly curved a lot, provides for great performance, turning ability and high safety. Technology of diagonal reinforcement is used between the ribs,allowing fewer atachment points and so less lines. A specially constructed Differential Speed System (DDS) helps to use speed more effectivelly (up to 50 km/h on full speed), same system as used on Vega gliders. Split A-risers are used for easier engaging of big ears.


Upper and lower surface :
– colours: Skytex New 9017 40g/m2 with E77A « water repellent » finish
– white : Skytex New 9017 40g/m2 with E38A « medium » finish
Profile – ribs (white) :
– Skytex New 9017 40 g/m2 with E29A « hard finish »
– Skytex New 9017 40 g/m2 with E38A « medium » finish

Pluto is Afnor Standard paraglider for paragliding rookies, acro and XC beginners
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