Pluto 2 (EN-B)

Axis Pluto 2 is a glider for both beginner and intermediate recreational pilots. It has good passive safety and excellent performance with easy and precise handling that is a feature of all Axis gliders.

Axis Pluto 2 is based on the very popular Pluto, but we can confidently say, that it has been improved in all its characteristics. The handling is easy but precise, whilst security has been proven by the (EN-B) test results. The glider has an innate ‘self-centering’ tendency in thermals along with a greater top speed and improved glide ratio.

These qualities make the Axis Pluto 2 appeal to a wide range of pilots from complete beginners to those advancing into cross country flying.

The profile of the Pluto 2 minimises the pendulum effect in flight and increases canopy stability in turbulent conditions. The proven method of diagonal reinforcement at the attachment points of A, B and C lines, allows a reduction in lines without affecting canopy rigidity. This is further enhanced by the use of quality new materials.

Axis Pluto 2 uses our Differential Speed System (DSS) which enables the pilot to achieve a higher top speed without the risk of collapse!

The canopy is manufactured from a combination of Skytex S9017 with « water repellent » coating which provides optimum UV resistance and S9092 for improved durability.

Reinforcement is Porcher Marine Scrimm W240 which maintains the configuration and flight characteristics. Lines are Liros Dyneema PPSL, characterised by minimal stretching and long durability.

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