Vega 3 (EN-C)

Released in 2010

Axis Vega 3 is a glider for a wide range of pilots. With its high performance and impressive passive safety, it is equally suitable for XC flying as well as for pilots beginning competition flying.

When setting out to design our next-generation cross-country glider, we had a clear target: we wanted to create the best paraglider possible for discerning sports and recreational pilots. Pilots who want top performance and sensitive handling, but who rightly demand ever more security.

The Vega 3 is that glider, keeping the comfortable but precise characteristics of the original Vega while improving on the glider’s already high performance and safety margins.

With an internal structure based on the successful Axis Mercury competition glider the Vega 3 includes our unique differential speed system. This means pilots can achieve a good sink-rate at half or one-third speed bar, and maintain good stability at maximum speed: in short, it gives the glider excellent usable speed.

The Axis Vega 3 is an intermediate-performance glider (EN-C), corresponding to DHV2 or AFNOR Performance) and is meant for qualified pilots who hold a full paragliding pilot licence. It is designed as an ideal cross-country glider, suitable for experienced pilots who fly regularly and who will enjoy a performance glider with good safety characteristics.
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