Venus 3 (EN-D)

Released in 2011

When setting out to design Axis Venus 3 glider we had a clear target: we wanted to create the best paraglider for experienced and cross-country pilots. Pilots who want top performance and sensitive handling, but who rightly demand security.

The Venus 3 has evolved from our highly successful competition glider the Mercury ’08 and shows the same friendly handling that made the Mercury such a popular glider choice with both cross-country and competition pilots. The Venus 3 is a 3-line concept with similar line consumption to our Mercury III.

The combination of unsheated Liros Dyneema and Cousin Vectraline give the Venus 3 an impressive reduction in drag when compared to the Venus 2 with consequent increase in speed and glide. Performance is at the top of the EN-D, LTF D class.

With an internal structure based on the successful Mercury competition glider the Venus 3 includes our unique differential speed system. This means pilots can achieve a good sink-rate at half or one-third speed bar, and maintain good stability at maximum speed: in short, it gives the glider excellent usable speed.

The Axis Venus 3 is a performance glider (EN-D) and is meant for qualified pilots who hold a full paragliding pilot licence. It is designed as an ideal cross-country and competition glider, suitable for very experienced pilots who fly regularly and who will enjoy a performance glider with good safety characteristics.

Check out the video of Axis Venus 3 - proto testing.
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