100 % Made in Europe 

From the materials to the manufacturing, everything is 100% made in the European Union. Our factory is working since the very beginning in Czech republic and it will stay like this !

Implementing the latest technologies

Since the begining we’ve always been looking to implement new technologies in our gliders, we are always testing new features for the gliders and adding them to the finalised product once we’re 100% sure it’s improving the glider

High level of passive safety

Passive safety is what made the reputation of Axis in the past with the first Mercury which was not the very best glider in terms of performance but that had a passive safety level outstanding all of its concurents. All the other gliders from the range have been treated with the same rigor during the R&D phase, always trying to find a perfect balance between safety and performance, but not forgetting the tolerence to overacting pilot actions (a characteristic too often forgotten by the other brands) !