Axis speedarms

Axis Speedarms is an elastic stretchy top, that keeps your clothes underneath smooth and streamlined.

Made of the combination of Lycra and Polyamid micro BodyCool, it is elastic and warm, but not windproof. Axis Speedarms is a must for XC pilots and all pilots who spend long hours in the air.


  • longer sleeves with a thumb whole, ensuring warm wrists
  • flat seems for maximum comfort
  • elastic material for freedom of movement


  • M: for a lightweight pilot / girl (up to 65 kg)
  • L: slim pilot (up to 75 kg)
  • XL: athletic pilot (from 75 to 85 kg)
  • XXL: robust pilot (over 95 kg)


  • Axis Speedarms Flame, and all standard colours: 50 €
  • Axis Speedarms Custom colours: 60 €