Axis Compact 3

Compact 3 is the new basic/beginners Axis glider. It is still primarily designed for schools and beginners. But thanks to the latest technology, it has now significantly more performance than its highly successful predecessor Compact 2, from which it has kept the highest possible level of passive safety. It is also suitable for flying with a para-motor, both with a standard PPG or to be used on a trike. Compact 3 is certified according to EN-926-1 / 2 in EN-A category.

Technical details

Compact 3 is a brand new design/concept, which shares with its predecessor just common name and excellent flight characteristics. Like its predecessor, it has excellent start and landing properties, stability of the canopy during turbulence and high resistance to collapse. Thanks to the new leading edge concept, which is now reinforced with plastic reinforcements, Compact 3 has a higher trim and maximum speed. Another significant improvement is the brand new line construction, the glider is now “three-row”, which is the technology commonly used on higher-level gliders (EN-C and EN-D), and such we managed to reduce the overall lineage of the lines by an unbelievable 40% in comparison to the predecessor, which also contributes to already mentioned performance improvement… all this while maintaining a smooth and progressive brake pressure, and the high degree of stability and safety as required by this beginner category. When using Compact 3 to fly with a PPG motor, the glider can be equipped with trim risers.


Compact 3 is made from the traditional French manufacturer PORCHER sport materials. The bottom of the canopy is a lightweight S70032 with a weight of only 32g / m2, upper canopy surface is from S 9017 E25 (38g / m2), the ribs and inners structure is from S9017 E29-hard (39g / m2). Thanks to the use of these revolutionary materials and completely new inner structure we could save around 20% of canopy weight. Sheathed lines are used in diameters of 0.9-1.8 mm and are made from Dyneema quality from the traditional German manufacturer Liros GmbH.



The Compact 3 is offered in 4 basic color combinations – see picture. It is also possible to make the custom color combinations in accordance with customer’s wish – but it is necessary to expect a longer delivery time for this glider colors…

School EN-A glider
Aspect ratio 4,8 | Max speed 54 km/h | Lines 273 m | Skytex 38 g/m2 | APS (Axis pre-pression system)
Technical data