Axis Sirius 2 NEW (EN-B) tandem paraglider

The new tandem paraglider Axis Sirius 2 is intended for the widest range of pilots. Sirius 2 is certified in EN-B category and apart from the standard 40 m² size we also produce its smaller 35 m² and larger 43 m² version.

Axis Sirius 2 paraglider has been developed from the very successful and popular Axis Sirius glider. It retains excellent take off and landing properties, canopy stability and very good collapses resistance.

The Sirius 2 tandem paraglider has a new concept of leading edge reinforced with plastic reinforcements, better glide ratio and faster max. speed. The brakes have been completelly redesigned (same solution as Mercury Sport and Vega 4).

Checkout the Axis Sirius 2 page for more details and pictures.